Ruffled Lamp Shade

I’ve been looking for a lamp for my breakfast nook for the past few weeks, with absolutely no luck.  I wanted something a little frilly.  Frilly, and inexpensive too.  Well, I was beginning to think that I would just have to live without a lamp, because every one that I liked was uber expensive…no thanks!

Then, on Friday, my friend Erica called to say that her neighbor had put some stuff out on the curb with a note that said trash.  She was all out of breath telling me about the fabulous trash, so I raced over there to check it out…holy mother of fabulousness…she wasn’t kidding!
I scored a huge copper tub with a lid, a sweet dropleaf side table, and a plastic woodish looking lamp with a stained shade…winner, winner, chicken dinner!
I have big plans for the copper tub and dropleaf table, but the lamp…well, I just couldn’t wait to fix her up!  I took off the shade and spraypainted the base white.  Then, I grabbed an old white tablecloth that I already had and cut 4 long strips (about 3 inches wide each).  I ruffled each strip…I promise, it’s super easy to do…just check out my Sew a Ruffle {Tutorial}.  Then, I sprayed the entire lampshade with spray adhesive and started wrapping the ruffles around the shade from the bottom to the top. At the end of the last ruffle, I hot glued the fabric in place.
Isn’t it adorable, and oh so frilly?  I love the raw edges, but if you like a more finished look, you could totally do that too!  I see old lamps and shades all of the time at garage sales and thrift stores…I will not be passing them by anymore.  How about you?
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  1. 3


    So cute! Diggin’ the ruffles! I have several ruffle lamp shades pinned. Too bad my two year old has managed to destroy every lamp in our house…LOL

  2. 5


    Great finds! I love the ruffled shade. It looks like a completely different lamp and fits great in your breakfast nook. :) Megan

  3. 7


    Jessica….I am working on one of these, too! Except I’m using burlap! Thanks for inspiring me today!


  4. 8


    So cute, Jessica! I wonder if I could do something similar with Fabri-Tac. You know me and sewing. LOL! Looks awesome, girlfriend! Way to turn some trash into a piece of terrific treasure!

  5. 9


    Your lampshade is adorable! And that copper boiler…oh my goodness, can’t believe that was put on the curb for free. You did real good with these finds!
    Mary Alice

  6. 11


    I love embellishing lamp shades too. Greatest thing to lift any room is add a cute shade. You did just that Jess!

  7. 18


    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE and I LOVE the lamp!! WOW!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  8. 19


    I love ruffles and I adore this lampshade. You are so lucky you got this on the side of the road! Love the color of your dining chairs–do you remember what the color is? I am thinking of painting my dining chairs a color too.

  9. 23


    This is fabulous! Seriously, I adore this project. Now I’m wondering if my husband would object if I added some ruffles to the side table lamps in the master …



    Oh, and I’m pinning and FB’ing and Tweeting too!

  10. 24


    The entire lamp went from sad to super chic – love it! And talk about the mother of all curbside finds…soooo jealous LOL

  11. 26


    What a pretty touch to the room. I don’t think I could get away with this in my house – too many boys!

    Thanks for sharing on Show & Tell at SNAP!

    xoxo, Tauni

  12. 28


    I am featuring you tomorrow during the Best DIY Projects Link Party. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your project over at The 36th AVENUE. Love it!

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